Welcome to the Ohio Heat Baseball Organization

The Ohio Heat baseball organization is known throughout the country as a premier, top-quality baseball program.  What is unique about the Ohio Heat organization is our dedication to player development.  Most organizations talk about player development.  We have built our organization to deliver player development. 

Our commitment to player development includes:

  • An indoor training facility.  Ohio Heat teams train at Team First Academy - a 12,000 square foot facility staffed with some of the best baseball instructors in Ohio.  Team First Academy is available to all of our teams year-round for team practices and individual lessons.
  • Non-parent coaches.  Many of our teams are coached by professional baseball instructors or high school coaches.  That means each player earns playing time based on their abilities and their hustle.  It also means that each team and player receives high-quality coaching and instruction from the same coach during team practices and games.

Throughout our organization, our coaches emphasize the life lessons that baseball can teach, including:

Hustle   Enthusiasm   Attitude   Teamwork

The proof is in the results.  We have several nationally-ranked teams and our teams play at the highest level of competition in the Cincinnati area, throughout the Midwest, and beyond.  We win more than our fair share of league titles and top-ranked tournament titles because we approach youth baseball the right way - with an unparalleled focus on player development.